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Brand Philosophy

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Brand Philosophy

We believe the lifelong journey of dreaming wild starts with you. It starts with understanding who you are, what you have always wanted to do as a child, and gaining the governance over your body, mind, and heart so you can live in line with your soul essence. Without gaining the reigns over your life, all things external and the establishment (peers, communities, governments, education system, health system and the mainstream media) will choose your life for you.

What we don’t empower in our lives, will be overpowered by someone or something else.

Drawing upon timeless Yoga principles, we seek to impart to the community the essence of its principles beyond just having a great body, and holding great poses. Yoga by definition, is a union. A union of the many elements of you, such that you can align your body, mind and heart and express the essence of your truth, your soul.

By coming to greater union with ourselves, we can gain a greater degree of confidence and certainty to live a life of our choosing. One that respects the uniqueness of individuals, but at the same time, contributes to the benefit of the collective community.

Of course, to live your authentic truth in harmony with self and others, takes courage. To step into that unknown consistently, and to trust in self to come up with a way no matter how many bumps or obstacles may be in the way. We believe that every solution is always available, as no circumstance or situation is given to you, without an accompanying solution. It is a way of learning and evolving.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

With courage and time, the ability to live resourcefully, also opens up a state where anything is possible. We believe, that once you see every person, being or thing as a resource for co-creating the experience of life when you start dreaming wild. When you start to go from governor of self, to pioneering the experience of life itself.

In Yoga, there are two cornerstones; firstly Abyhasa, which means not to give up, and second, Vairagya, which means to let things go. Dreaming wild is a dance between practicing and persisting with living your authentic truth, and shedding the old so something grander can emerge Atma (the soul). Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the old must first crumble into ashes.

A paradox between strength and surrender.

What emerges, is a state of pure creation, and the power to manifest what you would like to see in life. From this state, we get to appreciate everything we have, and realize how far we have come from the experience of limitation.

Living in this state, has a ripple effect on others. It inspires them to take the journey of self-governance, courage and dreaming. Naturally the humane part of us is compelled to share what we have learnt, so others can experience their version of abundance too.

This is how living in your truth, promotes self-governance in the community, and creates one where individualism contributes to the benefit of the collective. We aren’t solving the problems of others, we are inspiring others to remember the solution that has been with them all along.

Limitation is part of us
coming to our truth.

If you aren’t focusing
on mastering your mind and self the stretching is useless.

“Once you move
through obstacles the gifts you gain,
you can give back to the world.”

The only thing that you can
know for sure is I am (fill in the blanks).
What you choose too be
is up to you dream wild!