About Mark Breadner

Vision, Mission & Values

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People are self-governed each expressing their own voice, living their own dreams, and collaborating to contribute to the collective. There is mutual gain between all things living and their creations. The community is feeling strong, aligned, abundant, compassionate and kind.


Contemporize timeless teachings, trainings and experiences that develop the individuals sense of self-governance, and contribute to the collective experience of freedom.


1 Self Governance

Self-governance is the first step to living a life of possibility, and sharing that with others too. Without it you lose a sense of worth and pride in the life you live. With it you can stand tall and live a life in confidence and certainty. It requires consistent practice in; thinking for yourself, trusting your heart, and living a life aligned with your truth. In a world that tempts you to do anything but living the life you were meant to, self-governance is your inner compass. We can give it to you, but we can show you doors to take reign over the life that is rightfully yours.

Master your mind, relax into your heart and align with your truth.

2 Courage

To dream wild, and open infinite possibilities in your life, requires courage. The courage we refer to is not the bravado you can see in the traditional sense. It is moving past the internal feelings of resistance, and taking even the slightest step into the uncomfortable zone of living the life you were meant to, not the one that others expect. It is the zone where your heart wants to go, but your mind prefers to rationalize away. The norm and your existing environment will try to keep things running a business as usual. With guilt, ridicule, shame and all other sorts of emotional challenges. But with self-governance and courage, you can move beyond.

Courage is being who you are, and taking responsibility for what arises.

3 Dreaming

It is the state where you graduate from being a governor of your life, to become the pioneer of your life seeing the world as something you are responsible for co-creating. It is the space where you are aligned with your heart, living your truth, and experiencing the reality that anything is possible.

Dreaming means seeing both obstacles and opportunities as necessary components for maximum growth. It is alchemy in its purest sense. One that transcends the boundaries of your normal circumstance, propelling you on the never-ending journey of expansion. The difference between a dream and an illusion, is that a dream is an illusion that you want to experience. Its not bad or good, it is about choice.

If you are happy with your dream, cool. If not, then create a new one.

4 Legacy

Self-governance, courage and dreaming leads us to a state of gratitude for the magnitude of experiences we have in life. What we gain through our life can also be given. It is to honor everything you have had, and do have; experiences, teachers, information, relationships, healthy physique and material successes and to go with the natural compulsion to share it with others, to improve their lives. We seek to share and show the coming generations how to nurture and plant seeds that will flourish well after we are gone.

It is human to want to contribute and impact the greater community. Mark Breadner