About Mark Breadner

Professional Qualifications

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Professional Qualifications

  • Head, body & mind Coach for elite sporting teams, including Ian Thorpe & the NSW Institute of Sport.
  • Surf coach for the Rip Curl World Championship Tour (WCT) including partner to Mick Fanning.
  • Founder and creator of the first yoga Teacher training Diploma at Nature Care College Sydney .
  • Creation of the first established Yoga studio framework, Body Mind Life, Sydney.
  • As a trained Psychologist Mark has worked as a child life specialist in developing countries.
  • Over the years Mark has taught over 1,000 teachers in 100,000 hours of Training across 4 countries, 5 studios & 30 years.


He Has Worked With

  • Rip Curl
  • United Nations World Yoga day
  • Operation Smile
  • NRL
  • Don’t Dis my Abilty
  • Nature’s Care College
  • Body Mind Life