Rise As One Project

A personal Resolution, for a Communal Revolution


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A personal resolution, for a communal revolution


With the first Rise as One project we have partnered with the Bodhicitta Foundation to provide education and job skills and to establish a “Girl’s Home” for vulnerable girls and women in Nagpur, India to help them escape child marriage, poverty and to become change-makers in their communities

Applications for the next ROA opens February 12, 2017

Will You Be One of Six Yogis To Travel the World,
Transform People’s Lives and Build a Global Family?

(all-paid-for adventure valued at US$25,000)

We are looking for 6 amazing Yogis who are ready for an opportunity to change the world … Starting with India!

Give us 2 weeks of your life, and we will show you how to transform, create and contribute to a project that truly makes an impact and ignites your personal legacy.

YOU PAY NOTHING, we are GIVING BACK starting with India!

The Rise As One Project is an all-expense paid transformative experience.

6 Select Yogis will be flown to communities around the world to:

  • Learn and practice the timeless principles of Yoga and self-governance, to unlock their leadership potential.
  • Apply them to a community project to empower locals to transform all aspects of their communities.
  • Have lots of fun with other like-minded individuals looking to make a difference.

A personal resolution for a communal revolution.

Now is the Time to Inspire Change Around the World

Be one of 6 selected to participate in our our first project, Rise for India 2017. All expenses are paid!

Spend two weeks in India this September; the first week in Northern India going through a personal transformation process (focused on self-awareness and personal development and service) and the second in Nagpur (central India) working to support women and girls of the Bodhicitta Foundation and community.

This project is aimed at providing job skills and education for girls and women, so they can stand with pride and dignity.

Statistics show that:

  • if an adolescent girls gets one more year of education at high school, her earning capacity goes up 20%.
  • women do 65% of the world’s work, and own 10% of the Earth’s land.
  • 38,000 girls around the world get married everyday under age 18.

Together, we can hold a space for girls and women around the world to be educated, skilled and to feel safe so they can stand on their own two feet with pride and dignity. That way, they give themselves permission to DREAM again, and potentially to bring their big dreams to life.

Who Will Be Your Facilitators?

Your facilitator is Mark Breadner. Mark Breadner is the longest serving teacher and yoga educator in Australia having trained over 1000 Yoga teachers globally.

He has a distinct capacity to facilitate rapid growth, developed over 45 years of Yoga practise, teaching and training. Mark is also a qualified somatic psychotherapist.

He draws upon the essence of Yoga, and contemporizes its teachings so the everyday person can re-birth the dreams they have always had, but may have forgotten. And more importantly–use it to contribute to communities around the world.

As a teenager, Mark started teaching yoga to support children suffering with Asthma and Down Syndrome (Sutherland Hospital). Since then, has been involved in numerous social projects including:

  • Operation SMILE, International (surgical support for children with cleft pallets)
  • Don’t Dis-my-Ability campaign, Australia (brand ambassador)

Where Will the Next Rise As One Project Be?

It will be a trip to India and the Himalayas. In India, your journey will commence in sacred area in Northern India, in the Himalayas.

The Question Is …

Are you courageous enough to listen to that stirring inside and put yourself forward for a whole new opportunity?

Imagine helping women and girls in community on their journey from struggle to liberation. There are many girls and women in communities all around the world, who believe they can do more for themselves and their communities. Let’s help them take that opportunity!

What is Included in this $25,000 Team OPPORTUNITY?

Each Rise As One Project lasts for 14 days. Everything is paid for–flights, breakfast and accommodation plus mentorship and training (valued at $25,000).

  • Yoga Practice – the full methodology of Yoga that leads us to the most authentic expression of ourselves. Which when taken out into the world, is the dream wild.
  • Create Your Platform – Once you are on the journey of mastering your mind, relaxing into your heart and expressing your truth, you need a platform to get your message out there. You will learn the necessary knowledge of; branding, packaging and position, marketing and social media–so you can bring life to your dreams and give back to others.
  • Social Contribution – Naturally, when you are in your own truth, you realize everything is connection. You will feel the compulsion to be of greater service and giving back. This part of the challenge opens the door to an ongoing relationship with that particular community–to support it as it develops its own leadership potential. The ideal is the community finds its feet to pave a brighter future for itself.

Downtime will be included for participants to connect with culture, explore the community, make new friends, and discover experiences you simply can’t find in your back yard.

Do You Have What it Takes

This is not an opportunity for you if:

  • You love a mundane life working 9-5 without any desire to impact others in a positive way.
  • Think people who want to change the world are crazy and insane.
  • Chase only money to be happy and think its all about you.
  • Think Yoga is just a bunch of poses linked together to work on your body.

We want you to apply if:

  • Are a Yoga teacher or Yoga practitioner, that understand that Yoga is much more than Asana (though it is a key component).
  • Are passionate about personal growth, and have a desire to express your leadership in disempowered communities around the world.
  • Believe that education and empowerment are drivers to sustainable social-change, not hand-outs.
  • Don’t take life too seriously, and love to have fun while making a difference.
  • Consider yourself open to new experiences and ways of living, bordering the line of adventurous.

If right now we have stirred something inside you, you feel excitement (maybe even scared!) … but know your heart beat has shifted then its time!

To be chosen as one of 6 Amazing Yogis from around the world, then all you need to do is TAKE ACTION!


Will 2017 Be Your Year?