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Mark’s keynote talks all focus on self-governance and personal leadership contemporizing timeless teachings so the everyday person can re-birth the dreams they have always had, but may have forgotten.

Mark’s focus is the essence of Yoga (Sanskrit for Union) Yoga in essence. In Mark’s eyes, Yoga is much more than manipulating your limbs, wearing stylish exercise gear, drinking a green smoothie or having a nice butt.Though that can emerge through the practice, it is not the focus.

Mark’s talks run for about 90 minutes each, and include:

  • Dream Wild Personal Transformation
  • The Rise As One Project Personal Change for Social Change
  • Rebel Yogi Contemporary Application of Yoga Principles

Custom talks are available on request.

He Has Worked With

  • Rip Curl
  • United Nations World Yoga day
  • Operation Smile
  • NRL
  • Don’t Dis my Abilty
  • Natures Care College
  • Body Mind Life

1 – Dream Wild Personal Transformation

2 Rise As One- Personal Resolution for Social Revolution

3 – Rebel Yogi – Disrupting the Ordinary to Create Extraordinary

Mark talks about the contemporary application of Yoga, for the purposes of re-birthing the dreams people have always had, but may have forgotten.
The focus is to promote personal leadership, so individuals can create the lives of their dreams with greater confidence, courage, and certainty. Whether that is in their business, relationships, or personal lives the audience will walk away with simple and profound insights they can apply immediately in their lives.

Travel. Transform. Contribute. Mark talks about his biggest passion of enabling people to reach the next level of practise ; to be of service to others and how they can work to inspire and transform themselves , their families, communities and ultimately communities around the world. Using inclusion and diversity ,Mark will take your audience on an inspiring journey of man’s capacity to make a heart-felt impact in the world.

A personal resolution for a communal revolution.

Mark’s most controversial talk about bringing Yoga back to its grass roots, but in a contemporary and practical way.
As a seasoned Yoga practitioner and educator, Mark believes the Yoga as it is now taught is largely not yoga anymore , it has become “yogatainment”. It has become, like most powerful empowering systems for evolving human consciousness, to being compartmentalised and broken down into bits. The problem is, this only gives a superficial surface level of the possibilities.
Find out the real reason why most people miss out on the benefits of yoga. The science of Yoga is designed to be the ultimate disruptor, it is 5000 years old and it has been tried, tested and proven many, many times through direct experience on how to live an exceptional life.