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July 2014


The Future of Yoga Teaching

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Yoga was first taught in ancient times by a Master passing on its numerous techniques and complex philosophy to one student at a time. In modern-day yoga classes of 60 students or more, one-to-one teaching may appear a luxury. But Mark Breadner believes that the future of yoga teaching is better qualified, more authentic yoga teachers specialising in niche markets, and one-to-one yoga coaching.

“Taking something out of context renders it meaningless,” says Mark. “Doing asanas is not doing yoga unless we understand and study the other components that make up yoga. If you’ve learnt to just teach asana, come learn to teach yoga with us.”

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How to Overcome Resistance to Feeling Good

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All life is energy and we are an energetic system. When our energy is interrupted and not flowing optimally, we don’t feel so well. But when it flows in the right way, we’re more likely to feel good, to be more loving and to wish others well, and the less likely we are to experience suffering.

When our energies are flowing, fluids flow. Within these fluids is the neuro-chemical information that communicates to us what we’re paying attention to, what we’re feeling and perceiving. The information can be very complex or very simple, such as too fast, not fast enough or just right.

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