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November 2014

Wise, Wild and Free with Qoya Founder Rochelle Schieck

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Rochelle Schieck is in the midst of dedicating her life as a living experiment into the question, “If you follow your heart, your truth, your soul, will the world conspire on your behalf?”  Rochelle talks to YogaCoach about how the experiment is going and how you might implement it.


Wise, Wild and Free with Qoya Founder Rochelle Schieck


In the podcast:
01:43 Dawn of Qoya: The more sacred pulse of life
03:10 The Qoya of Peru
04:52 Leading the individual back to inner connection
05:55 Losing our heart’s value
06:32 When you follow your heart, the world conspires on your behalf
07:18 Taking a courageous leap, even when people say “You shouldn’t”
08:22 Gratitude as a practice
08:49 A powerful moment in Rochelle’s life
10:27 Bringing yourself into alignment with divine order with gratitude
12:43 Knowing our spirit through the feminine
13:50 Channeling the essence of a dream by shifting energy
15:50 Mastery of the mind through your heart
17:24 Congruence and trust
19:14 Flowing with synchronicity and a stronger intuition
20:43 Opening towards potential
21:40 Moving the body with Qoya
23:44 The free form movement
24:48 Expressing our essence through the body
27:23 Creating space to widen our circle of compassion
28:37 Rochelle’s visit to Australia
29:02 Where to find Rochelle
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