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November 2017

The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

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Yoga Life Coach

The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

897624e23db3420888f2b7f023399762_X9EFjlYogaCoach specialises in Yoga Education, Mark Breadner & his team will help you to become more than just a teacher of ‘asana’, they will guide you in the ways of Yoga Coaching. A Yoga Coach embodies the essence of how yoga was originally taught- 1on1 as a multi-dimensional practice, personalised for the individual and allowing for ultimate life transformation.


Yoga is the culture of tomorrow. It is a science that leads to the development of the human personality and the awakening of untapped energy sources” – Swami Niranjan

Yoga is a systematic program whose soul purpose is spiritual. Whether we call it enlightenment, self realisation or other similar terms it is designed to enhance human possibility. The purpose for working with the physical body is so that the body is not an obstacle in practises such as yoga meditation, contemplation and prayer. Obstacles to these spiritual practises are naturally minimised or completely removed in the process of following yoga. The word yoga means union. Referring to the direct experience of the wholeness of ourselves at all levels. While the word yoga comes from the traditional Sanskrit language, that union is a universal process and involves the practise of inclusiviness.

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