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Mark's Story

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Who is Mark Breadner?

Mark Breadner is the longest serving teacher and yoga educator in Australia having trained over 1000 Yoga teachers globally. He has a distinct capacity to facilitate rapid growth, developed over 45 years of Yoga practise, teaching and training. Mark is also a qualified somatic psychotherapist.

What Does He Do?

Reign your life. Dare to be. Dream wild. Leave a legacy.

Mark draws upon the essence of Yoga, and contemporizes its teachings so the everyday person can re-birth the dreams they have always had, but may have forgotten. As a result, Mark’s clients experience greater:

  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Freedom

His services include:

for individuals looking to get personal coaching, to focus on overcoming a challenge or struggle that has been consistently holding them back from getting the results they want in life.

for Yoga teachers who want to learn how to start their studio, run retreats/workshops, and build a business that empowers all areas of peoples lives.

keynote talks about the contemporary application of Yoga principles in personal, interpersonal, professional and communal settings.

The Yoga model is utterly practical and based on common sense. People are not separate to anything else. We are exactly the same thing, conscious energy.

The Difference

Mark’s focus is the essence of Yoga (Sanskrit for Yoga in essence. In Mark’s eyes, Yoga is much more than manipulating your limbs, wearing stylish exercise gear, drinking a green smoothie or having a nice butt”. Though that can emerge through the practice, it is not the focus.

focusing on mastering your mind and connecting to the stretching is useless.

If you aren’t focusing on mastering your mind and connecting to the stretching is useless

Organizations He Has Worked With

  • Rip Curl
  • United Nations World Yoga day
  • Operation Smile
  • NRL
  • Don’t Diss my Abilty
  • Natures Care College
  • Body Mind Life

Mark’s Story

If this continues, one of us is going to stab each other

heard a 7 year old boy. And in that very moment, all the expression of his personal potential was suppressed. Though he wanted to play, talk, sing, and move society had other plans for him.

I cant be who I want to be.

the young boy concluded. And like anything that comes naturally, like damned water, it will fight against its boundaries to find a way to finally be free.

So for just over a decade, that boy felt to fill a void. He resorted to alcohol, excessive partying and recreational drugs, making a lot of noise, but getting nowhere. He wasn’t driven by the life he wanted to live, but by the life he thought he lost. That was what he was trying to make up for.

Though he won sporting competitions, built an incredible physique, earned lots of money and was always in company of the most beautiful lady he could find, he would find himself sitting down, feeling empty.

Whatever. Okay. Next.

Nothing was ever enough.

That boy, as you might have guessed, was me Mark Breadner. For many years of my life, I was lost, confused and at the whims of everything outside of me.

It wasn’t till I was 22 years of age, lying in bed and struggling with an auto-immune disease, that I finally took a long hard look at my life. Having tried so hard to achieve and gain acknowledgement, illness was a relief from my hectic show you schedule.

So, with time on my hands to look at himself, I got all existential on myself:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I here for?
  • What am I meant to be doing?

That’s when I returned to the essence of Yoga. One that I actually learned from the age of 6. I returned to my path of personal growth and development.

I was looking to remember who I was.

Eventually, I cranked up the courage to look at the anger I had been holding in for so many years. To see the shadows I was running away from for so many years.

I found myself at a 50 day tantric retreat in the Himalayas reciting mantras millions of times over in sacred spaces free of distractions. The anger was so potent it even burnt a hole in my small intestine. Painful beyond measure!

I was angry for not being who I wanted to be.

I eventually realized I was carrying the same anger as the voice I heard at 7-years of age. The voice of my father. And I realized it was me who created the I can’t be who I want to be. Not my father.

With the wisdom of a much older version of me, I realized it wasn’t anyone’s fault. But that I was responsible for my experience. So a loving sense of forgiveness was what emerged, healing my wounds of the past.

Though I was looking to be what I really wanted, was to remember. That nothing is broken, and that we are whole just the way we are. I had the answer all along.

The world didn’t happen to me, but with me.

Since then, I have taught over 1,000 yoga instructors in Australia, and has coached elite athletes competing on the world stage (Olympians and World Surfing Professionals). I have also worked to enhance communities as a Child Life Specialist for children with damaged cleft-pallets.

What I do today, is contemporize the essence of yoga, to help people remember and realign with their authentic truth. Yoga is beyond what you think. I realized it is much more than posing or twisting your body Yoga in essence, is a doorway for great personal growth, emotional freedom, and contribution to the greater community.

I still surf and live an active lifestyle. But not to prove anything. I just do what feels like a natural expression of who I am the 7 year old boy full of energy and zest.

Mark Breadner

It is the humane to naturally want to contribute and impact the greater community.

Brand Philosophy

Limitation is part of us coming to our truth.

We believe the lifelong journey of dreaming wild starts with you. It starts with understanding who you are, what you have always wanted to do as a child, and gaining the governance over your body, mind, and heart so you can live in line with your soul essence. Without gaining the reigns over your life, all things external and the establishment (peers, communities, governments, education system, health system and the mainstream media) will choose your life for you.

What we don’t empower in our lives, will be overpowered by someone or something else.

Drawing upon timeless Yoga principles, we seek to impart to the community the essence of its principles beyond just having a great body, and holding great poses. Yoga by definition, is a union. A union of the many elements of you, such that you can align your body, mind and heart and express the essence of your truth, your soul.

If you aren’t focusing on mastering your mind and the stretching is useless.

By coming to greater union with ourselves, we can gain a greater degree of confidence and certainty to live a life of our choosing. One that respects the uniqueness of individuals, but at the same time, contributes to the benefit of the collective community.

Of course, to live your authentic truth in harmony with self and others, takes courage. To step into that unknown consistently, and to trust in self to come up with a way no matter how many bumps or obstacles may be in the way. We believe that every solution is always available, as no circumstance or situation is given to you, without an accompanying solution. It is a way of learning and evolving.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

With courage and time, the ability to live resourcefully, also opens up a state where anything is possible. We believe, that once you see every person, being or thing as a resource for co-creating the experience of life’s when you start dreaming wild. When you start to go from governor of self, to pioneering the experience of life itself.

In Yoga, there are two cornerstones; firstly Abyhasa which means not to give up, and second, Vairagya which means to let things go. Dreaming wild is a dance between practicing and persisting with living your authentic truth, and shedding the old so something grander can emerge Atma (the soul). Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the old must first crumble into ashes.

A paradox between strength and surrender.

What emerges, is a state of pure creation, and the power to manifest what you would like to see in life. From this state, we get to appreciate everything we have, and realize how far we have come from the experience of limitation.

Once you move through obstacles the gifts you gain, you can give back to the world.

Living in this state, has a ripple effect on others. It inspires them to take the journey of self-governance, courage and dreaming. Naturally the humane part of us is compelled to share what we have learnt, so others can experience their version of abundance too.

This is how living in your truth, promotes self-governance in the community, and creates one where individualism contributes to the benefit of the collective. We aren’t solving the problems of others, we are inspiring others to remember the solution that has been with them all along.

The only thing that you can know for sure Is (fill in the blanks). What you choose to be is up to you dream wild!



People are self-governed each expressing their own voice, living their own dreams, and collaborating to contribute to the collective. There is mutual gain between all things living and their creations. The community is feeling strong, aligned, abundant, compassionate and kind.


Contemporize timeless teachings, trainings and experiences that develop the individuals sense of self-governance, and contribute to the collective experience of freedom.


1 Self Governance

Master your mind, relax into your heart and align with your truth.

Self-governance is the first step to living a life of possibility, and sharing that with others too. Without it you lose a sense of worth and pride in the life you live. With it, you can stand tall and live a life in confidence and certainty. It requires consistent practice in; thinking for yourself, trusting your heart, and living a life aligned with your truth. In a world that tempts you to do anything but living the life you were meant to, self-governance is your inner compass. We can’t give it to you, but we can show you doors to take reign over the life that is rightfully yours.

2 Courage

Courage is being who you are, and taking responsibility for what arises.

To dream wild, and open infinite possibilities in your life, requires courage. The courage we refer to is not the bravado you can see in the traditional sense. It is moving past the internal feelings of resistance, and taking even the slightest step into the uncomfortable zone of living the life you were meant to, not the one that others expect. It is the zone where your heart wants to go, but your mind prefers to rationalize away. The norm and your existing environment will try to keep things running business as usual. With guilt, ridicule, shame and all other sorts of emotional challenges. But with self-governance and courage, you can move beyond.

3 Dreaming

If you are happy with your dream cool. If not, then create a new one.

It is the state where you graduate from being a governor of your life, to become the pioneer of your life seeing the world as something you are responsible for co-creating. It is the space where you are aligned with your heart, living your truth, and experiencing the reality that anything is possible.

Dreaming means seeing both obstacles and opportunities as necessary components for maximum growth. It is alchemy in its purest sense. One that transcends the boundaries of your normal circumstance, propelling you on the never-ending journey of expansion. The difference between a dream and an illusion, is that a dream is an illusion that you want to experience. It’s not bad or good it is about choice.

4 Legacy

Self-governance, courage and dreaming leads us to a state of gratitude for the magnitude of experiences we have in life. What we gain through our life can also be given. It is to honor everything you have had, and do have; experiences, teachers, information, relationships, healthy physique and material successes and to go with the natural compulsion to share it with others, to improve their lives. We seek to share and show the coming generations how to nurture and plant seeds that will flourish well after we are gone.

It is human to want to contribute and impact the greater community. Mark Breadner

Professional Qualifications

  • Head, body & mind Coach for elite sporting teams, including Ian Thorpe & the NSW Institute of Sport.
  • Surf coach for the Rip Curl World Championship Tour (WCT) including partner to Mick Fanning.
  • Founder and creator of the first yoga Teacher training Diploma at Nature Care College Sydney .
  • Creation of the first established Yoga studio framework, Body Mind Life, Sydney.
  • As a trained Psychologist Mark has worked as a child life specialist in developing countries.
  • Over the years Mark has taught over 1,000 teachers in 100,000 hours of Training across 4 countries, 5 studios & 30 years.