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The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

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Yoga Life Coach

The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

897624e23db3420888f2b7f023399762_X9EFjlYogaCoach specialises in Yoga Education, Mark Breadner & his team will help you to become more than just a teacher of ‘asana’, they will guide you in the ways of Yoga Coaching. A Yoga Coach embodies the essence of how yoga was originally taught- 1on1 as a multi-dimensional practice, personalised for the individual and allowing for ultimate life transformation.


Yoga is the culture of tomorrow. It is a science that leads to the development of the human personality and the awakening of untapped energy sources” – Swami Niranjan

Yoga is a systematic program whose soul purpose is spiritual. Whether we call it enlightenment, self realisation or other similar terms it is designed to enhance human possibility. The purpose for working with the physical body is so that the body is not an obstacle in practises such as yoga meditation, contemplation and prayer. Obstacles to these spiritual practises are naturally minimised or completely removed in the process of following yoga. The word yoga means union. Referring to the direct experience of the wholeness of ourselves at all levels. While the word yoga comes from the traditional Sanskrit language, that union is a universal process and involves the practise of inclusiviness.

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Message for Bali Retreat – with Swami Parmanand

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Message for Bali Retreat – with Swami Parmanand

In the podcast:

00:26 About Swami and his tradition
01:20 The purpose of the visit
02:06 What is Atma?
02:44 Swami’s practice and tradition
04:05 Things that people will start to notice in their life, the difference, the transitions when they practice regularly
06:18 Happiness and inner peace
07:16 The body is the temple of God
08:54 Is 20 minutes a day enough to start?
11:52 Swami’s final message
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What is Yoga?

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The Yoga-Sutra is one of the most important texts in the age-old Yoga Philosophy. Literally it means „Guide“ or „Main Thread“ of Yoga. It takes you on a journey to “Mastery of Your Mind” through concentration, the practises involved, the results and then “liberation”.


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infographics FINAL (actually)
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Wise, Wild and Free with Qoya Founder Rochelle Schieck

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Rochelle Schieck is in the midst of dedicating her life as a living experiment into the question, “If you follow your heart, your truth, your soul, will the world conspire on your behalf?”  Rochelle talks to YogaCoach about how the experiment is going and how you might implement it.


Wise, Wild and Free with Qoya Founder Rochelle Schieck


In the podcast:
01:43 Dawn of Qoya: The more sacred pulse of life
03:10 The Qoya of Peru
04:52 Leading the individual back to inner connection
05:55 Losing our heart’s value
06:32 When you follow your heart, the world conspires on your behalf
07:18 Taking a courageous leap, even when people say “You shouldn’t”
08:22 Gratitude as a practice
08:49 A powerful moment in Rochelle’s life
10:27 Bringing yourself into alignment with divine order with gratitude
12:43 Knowing our spirit through the feminine
13:50 Channeling the essence of a dream by shifting energy
15:50 Mastery of the mind through your heart
17:24 Congruence and trust
19:14 Flowing with synchronicity and a stronger intuition
20:43 Opening towards potential
21:40 Moving the body with Qoya
23:44 The free form movement
24:48 Expressing our essence through the body
27:23 Creating space to widen our circle of compassion
28:37 Rochelle’s visit to Australia
29:02 Where to find Rochelle
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Build your Yoga Business with Online marketing expert James Schramko

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James Schramko from talks to us about growing your business online and becoming an authority and leader in your yoga niche.

2nd adjustment


Podcast with Online Marketing Expert James Schramko


In the podcast:
01:10 – Reason created course Earn the Race Course
01:20 – How to get long-term asset on the Internet
03:20 – Create a database; asset called the house list to email subscribers
03:49 – Building up audience and ability to communicate with people
04:33 – Recommend the “news” approach to keep an audience engaged and returning
04:54 – Continually update website
05:21 – Need to be IT savvy?
06:51 – What an actual “Dream Team” is
08:25 – Outsourcing
09:46 – Importance to set yourself up as an authority and bring down into a niche area and get known
12:15 – Evolving and using resources to market
13:05 – Build your own; register your name and business
13:42 – How to make information appealing to people
15:06 – Beginning steps for building their own platform and setting up news broadcasts in niche
16:45 – Have ability to let people select what information they want rather than blasting email to all
19:05 – Community building
19:54 – What building a platform is about
22:30 – Where do people go to get the checklist
22:40 – Link to free training
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Learning to “Master the Mind” and live from your heart with…. with Swami Parmanand Maharaj

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In 2009 Swami Parmanand following the instructions of his Sadguru- He set upon the mission of propagating the message of Divine Meditation and Self-Intimation to the entire world.


Podcast with Swami Parmanand Maharaj


In the podcast:
2:18 – Parmanand tells us a little bit about himself, his journey and how he chose to become a Swami
3:31 – What is meditation and the end result being Atma, and what is Atma?
5:34 – Is it important to do some Asana?
6:46 – Is regulation of food, and what sort of food important, as far as this practice is concerned of loving Atma
8:12 – Is it true that most people don’t realize Atma or connect to it because their mind is so busy?
9:45 – Is it true that you can connect to eternal happiness?
10:51 – Why is it that people keep moving outwards? Why is it that they keep focusing their attention externally, when this is available to us?
12:03 – Who is Babaji?
14:12 – Spirituality: Why do you think India has that hub? Why is it so strong in India
15:55 – Babaji’s vision around education and educating children: Can you tell us a little bit about that program?
23:17 – Why do you think people have so much objection to yoga?
27:38 – Babaji at the Ashram
29:21 – What’s the best way that people can meditate and start to practice in connecting Atma more in their life?
30:00 – Connect to Atma
31:50 – Spiritual master
33:22 – Focus
35:22 – Form
40:02 – Summary
41:30 – Swami Parmanand is coming to Sydney
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Mastery of the mind

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In a busy world we often get caught up in the chatter that stops us from being focused and connecting to a deeper guiding layer of ourselves. It’s this deeper layer that helps us to attune to our inner peace and contentment. Through YogaCoaching we are able to remove interruptions , re-connect and live to our full potential.

So what is YogaCoaching and how does it allow us to connect to our potential?

When talking about yoga and the definition of yoga the texts talk about yoga – chitta vritti nirodha. Chitta ‘the mindfield’, vritti ‘the movements of the mind’, nirodha ‘mastery’. Yoga is “the mastery of the movements of the mind”.

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The Maturing Industry of Yoga by Brook McCarthy

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Outrage sparked by the recent New York Times Magazine, How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body article was as impassioned as it was predictable. Yet other, quieter voices responded ‘of course’. Any physical activity, from jogging to sneezing, can cause harm, and underqualified and inexperienced teaches have the capacity yo harm in any situation, not just a yoga class. The silver lining of the article fall-out is the introspection it inspires as yoga teachers worldwide examine whether they could be doing things better.

Click the link to read the full article. – The Art of Healing, Sept-Nov 2012

The art of healing
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Wellness warrior

Wellness Warrior

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Australian Yoga Journal, January 2011

Mark Breadner, 45, attended his first yoga class when he was seven—at home with his mother as the teacher. It was not until he was 27 and studying with T.K.V. Desikachar that he understood yoga as a way of life. Over the past 20 years, he has used his holistic and therapeutic approach to yoga as a teacher and trainer with leading yoga schools in Sydney as well as working with elite athletes including swimmer Ian Thorpe and surfer Mick Fanning. Last year he established YogaCoach, a holistic teacher training school that helps yogis and their students reach full potential in all aspects of life.

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