The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

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Yoga Life Coach

The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

897624e23db3420888f2b7f023399762_X9EFjlYogaCoach specialises in Yoga Education, Mark Breadner & his team will help you to become more than just a teacher of ‘asana’, they will guide you in the ways of Yoga Coaching. A Yoga Coach embodies the essence of how yoga was originally taught- 1on1 as a multi-dimensional practice, personalised for the individual and allowing for ultimate life transformation.


Yoga is the culture of tomorrow. It is a science that leads to the development of the human personality and the awakening of untapped energy sources” – Swami Niranjan

Yoga is a systematic program whose soul purpose is spiritual. Whether we call it enlightenment, self realisation or other similar terms it is designed to enhance human possibility. The purpose for working with the physical body is so that the body is not an obstacle in practises such as yoga meditation, contemplation and prayer. Obstacles to these spiritual practises are naturally minimised or completely removed in the process of following yoga. The word yoga means union. Referring to the direct experience of the wholeness of ourselves at all levels. While the word yoga comes from the traditional Sanskrit language, that union is a universal process and involves the practise of inclusiviness.

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Mastery of the mind

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In a busy world we often get caught up in the chatter that stops us from being focused and connecting to a deeper guiding layer of ourselves. It’s this deeper layer that helps us to attune to our inner peace and contentment. Through YogaCoaching we are able to remove interruptions , re-connect and live to our full potential.

So what is YogaCoaching and how does it allow us to connect to our potential?

When talking about yoga and the definition of yoga the texts talk about yoga – chitta vritti nirodha. Chitta ‘the mindfield’, vritti ‘the movements of the mind’, nirodha ‘mastery’. Yoga is “the mastery of the movements of the mind”.

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The Maturing Industry of Yoga by Brook McCarthy

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Outrage sparked by the recent New York Times Magazine, How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body article was as impassioned as it was predictable. Yet other, quieter voices responded ‘of course’. Any physical activity, from jogging to sneezing, can cause harm, and underqualified and inexperienced teaches have the capacity yo harm in any situation, not just a yoga class. The silver lining of the article fall-out is the introspection it inspires as yoga teachers worldwide examine whether they could be doing things better.

Click the link to read the full article. – The Art of Healing, Sept-Nov 2012

The art of healing
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Wellness warrior

Wellness Warrior

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Australian Yoga Journal, January 2011

Mark Breadner, 45, attended his first yoga class when he was seven—at home with his mother as the teacher. It was not until he was 27 and studying with T.K.V. Desikachar that he understood yoga as a way of life. Over the past 20 years, he has used his holistic and therapeutic approach to yoga as a teacher and trainer with leading yoga schools in Sydney as well as working with elite athletes including swimmer Ian Thorpe and surfer Mick Fanning. Last year he established YogaCoach, a holistic teacher training school that helps yogis and their students reach full potential in all aspects of life.

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Claim the Ability to Choose

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Living in the world means a life full of relationships, with people but also with the objects of the world and the thoughts in the mind. Living in the world means a life full of changes, which occur because of the appearance of time, space and causation. Living in the world means a life full of opportunities and choices, which means dealing with wishes, wants and desires.


Tripurashakti‘Living in the world, but at the same time not being of the world’ means playing with and mastering these things, all at the same time, plus gradually growing in non-attachment (vairagya) towards the world and all that it includes. When non-attachment has expanded so much that you are able to set aside everything (for a while), you’ll rest in your True Nature. This means that Yoga (Union) has happened.

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The Future of Yoga Teaching

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Yoga was first taught in ancient times by a Master passing on its numerous techniques and complex philosophy to one student at a time. In modern-day yoga classes of 60 students or more, one-to-one teaching may appear a luxury. But Mark Breadner believes that the future of yoga teaching is better qualified, more authentic yoga teachers specialising in niche markets, and one-to-one yoga coaching.

“Taking something out of context renders it meaningless,” says Mark. “Doing asanas is not doing yoga unless we understand and study the other components that make up yoga. If you’ve learnt to just teach asana, come learn to teach yoga with us.”

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How to Overcome Resistance to Feeling Good

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All life is energy and we are an energetic system. When our energy is interrupted and not flowing optimally, we don’t feel so well. But when it flows in the right way, we’re more likely to feel good, to be more loving and to wish others well, and the less likely we are to experience suffering.

When our energies are flowing, fluids flow. Within these fluids is the neuro-chemical information that communicates to us what we’re paying attention to, what we’re feeling and perceiving. The information can be very complex or very simple, such as too fast, not fast enough or just right.

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My Guiding Lights

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You need an external Guru or teacher to help guide you towards your inner Guru, which will always lead you in the right direction. I’m fortunate to have had several inspiring Gurus on my path.

All life is an expression of energy, an expression of the underlying unity of all. We as human beings are an energetic system, and when we’re flowing we feel good. We feel connected, on purpose, and we feel that there’s a deep knowing guiding us in the right direction. When we don’t flow, we feel a sense of disconnection – a cutting off from the source. In yoga this is called avidya, or ignorance of our ESSENTIAL NATURE, which is unbounded consciousness. This underlying flow state is known as Samadhi.
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