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Mark consults Yoga teachers who want to learn how to start their studio, run retreats/workshops, and build a business that empowers all areas of people’s lives.

  • Set up a training center.
  • Start a Yoga Studio.
  • How to run a Yoga business.
  • How to design sessions to cater for different clients.

Why Mark?

Mark has designed and taught training programs for 4 of Sydney’s biggest Yoga training organizations; Body Mind Life, Heart of Yoga Sydney, Nature Care College and YogaCoach. He is the longest serving teacher and yoga educator in Australia having trained over 1000 Yoga teachers globally. Mark has a distinct capacity to facilitate rapid growth, developed over 45 years of Yoga practice, teaching and training.

What’s included?

  • 1 on 1 live in person and/or Skype (depending on location).
  • 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions per month.
  • 1 hour session per month for reviewing action items and keeping you accountable.

Key Benefits

  • Earn more money doing what you love.
  • Greater fulfilment and service to students.
  • Stand out amongst all your peers in a very crowded marketplace.

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