Learning to “Master the Mind” and live from your heart with…. with Swami Parmanand Maharaj

By 22 September 2014podcast

In 2009 Swami Parmanand following the instructions of his Sadguru- He set upon the mission of propagating the message of Divine Meditation and Self-Intimation to the entire world.


Podcast with Swami Parmanand Maharaj


In the podcast:
2:18 – Parmanand tells us a little bit about himself, his journey and how he chose to become a Swami
3:31 – What is meditation and the end result being Atma, and what is Atma?
5:34 – Is it important to do some Asana?
6:46 – Is regulation of food, and what sort of food important, as far as this practice is concerned of loving Atma
8:12 – Is it true that most people don’t realize Atma or connect to it because their mind is so busy?
9:45 – Is it true that you can connect to eternal happiness?
10:51 – Why is it that people keep moving outwards? Why is it that they keep focusing their attention externally, when this is available to us?
12:03 – Who is Babaji?
14:12 – Spirituality: Why do you think India has that hub? Why is it so strong in India
15:55 – Babaji’s vision around education and educating children: Can you tell us a little bit about that program?
23:17 – Why do you think people have so much objection to yoga?
27:38 – Babaji at the Ashram
29:21 – What’s the best way that people can meditate and start to practice in connecting Atma more in their life?
30:00 – Connect to Atma
31:50 – Spiritual master
33:22 – Focus
35:22 – Form
40:02 – Summary
41:30 – Swami Parmanand is coming to Sydney

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Mark: Hi, everyone! This is Mark from Yogacoach. Today, we have a really special guest, Swami Parmanand Maharaj from India. Today, he’s going talk to us a little bit about Atma. Many of you may not even know what an Atma is, but by the end of our talk today, you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of it and why it’s really important in your life. So, welcome Swami.

Swami: Thank you. Welcome to you.

Mark: Om Gurudev

Swami: Om Gurudev, Mark.

Mark: How are you, where are you now, and what are you doing?

Swami: We are in Haridwar, in North India. It is the Holy place, and we are here for 21 days meditation camp with all of our Swamis and Babaji, Om Gurudev Janglidas Maharaj

Mark: So it must be a pretty amazing vibe or atmosphere to be with all these Swamis in a really… A holy city and meditating all the time. It must be like vibrating away there.

Swami: Ah, exactly. It is true, because Haridwar is the place where the thousands, and millions of Swamis are living that place, and it is the most important holy place in the Indian philosophy and the guru Om Gurudev Janglidas Maharaj is here and we are all of almost 35 Swamis are here, and we have this meditation camp, and three times a day, we are meditating, and it is on the Ganga River, which is the Holy river…
Very, very wise and a holy river in India and we are all on this Ganga River on the… at this Ashram (on the Ganga), so we are really great and very nice and very strong atmosphere with Atma and meditation.

Mark: Ah, I wish I was there. It sounds amazing. I always love it, being in India and being around Babaji and yourself, and other Swamis – it just sounds fantastic. So, Swami Parmanand tell us a little bit about yourself, your journey and how you chose to become a Swami if you could call choosing the right word.

Swami: I took the decision by my inner message – by my own Atma, because in the beginning, since very childhood, I got this way because… to my family, my family have all the spiritual things in the home. Since the beginning, my grandfather and grandmother and my parents, so I love and connect here with spirituality since very childhood. And afterwards, I got a vision of Atma in my dreams, and that is why I dedicate towards the Babaji. It is the inner message, and it is connected with my previous births.

I got all the signs, and made a decision and take part in my life now. I dedicate towards my Self to my Atma and I am walking on this path of meditation.

Mark: Okay. So you mentioned two things there, you mentioned Atma a couple of times, and you mentioned meditation, so I guess we should talk about those things. From a yoga perspective, we say, “yoga is the science of meditation and meditation is the practice of loving Atma.” So, could you talk about those two terms? You know… what is meditation and the result being Atma, and what is Atma?

Swami: Atma is the soul. Atma means soul. Atma means our inner, divine energy. It’s the unconditional love. It is the birth of peace. It is the birth of love. It is the birth of silence. It is the birth of harmony, and this supreme energy which we call here Atma, many people call soul. So it resides in our heart, and because of that energy, because of that Atma, because of that soul, our body is alive. The reason we stay alive in this life – that is none other than Atma.

So, this energy we said resides in our heart. To realize this energy, and to get the experience of this energy, there is only one way, and that’s called meditation. Meditation means “the art of living on soul; the art of living on Atma.” So, Atma is formless, but we need to concentrate on the Atma and there is some meditation; so, yoga or exercise or whatever things that we do for this is called meditation. It is very important for this concentration, because through the yoga… and the exercise, the body becomes tired, and the elements are, which disturbing to you through the thought and you attitudes – they are becoming tired and easily, you can concentrate on Atma in your heart, and also the other site, it scientifically, the body… We say; the body is the temple of God.
God is the Atma. So, the body is not immortal, Atma is immortal, but now, the body is important because of this Atma. The body is alive, and because of this body, we can now know this Atma.
So, body should totally and physically fine, be strong and good if physically fine, that we can meditate without any disturbance by our body.

Mark: So, it’s important to do some Asana.

Swami: Yes, exactly. It is important for us to have Asana, or surya namaskars or any exercise that you do; it is more, more important.
Everywhere, all the… our Sadhguru, Om Gurudev Janglidas Maharaj also, is constantly doing every day, yoga and some exercises. All the saints who reached there, all the Swamis, who reached there, all the incarnation who came on this earth can give on the message of Atma, and finally, they’ll become one with Atma, and now we…
all of our offering as a goal to them, they all went by same way. Everybody has the same path and everybody bend also in the same way.
So, yoga is most important. It is connected with your inner energy. It is also a way to wake up your energy. So, it is the most important thing which we have to do before meditation, and that is the yoga and exercise.

Mark: Right. Also, concerning the physical body, is what we put into the physical body – our food, our nutrition – and is regulation of food, and what sort of food important, as far as this practice is concerned of loving Atma?

Swami: Yes, it most important because to meditate, to concentrate on your Atma, body should sit in silence for as long as in any one Asana… in any one position.
So, it’s all connected with the exercise and the food. Your mind situation, your inner atmosphere, your positive attitude, your openness, and all the parts in which will come out. It all depends on your food quantity and the quality of the food, that to which kind of food you are having. So, for example, now we are having only the dahl and rice, and the dinner, which the… which is without spicy food, and which should make you earlier riser.
Within three hours after you have lunch, you can re-digest, and you will be fully comfortable to sit in one Asana as long as, and you can deepen the experience of Atma to this meditation. So the food quantity and the quality of food is very important – what you are having.

Mark: Okay. So you say that Atma resides in the heart?

Swami: Yes.

Mark: And is it true that most people don’t realize Atma or connect to it because their mind is so busy, and when your mind is busy, it’s hard to hear your heart? So the science of meditation is to have mastery over your mind and quiet the mind, so then you can reside in the heart.

Swami: Yes. It is true, because the people are connected with now outer world, and they are attracting to the… all this outer things in this world.
They are finding peace in out-of-world. They are getting… of course, they are getting peace; they are getting happiness, but this is for a very short time, and the people don’t know that… exactly, where is the birthplace of peace? Where is the birthplace of love?
Then with all human beings on this earth, why are they running from morning to night, for what? They are struggling with life for what?
Last, and everybody will have this peace, love and harmony in life, but people don’t know they are finding all these things in the outer world, because they are more connected with outer things. They are attracted now with this. Once they will move this journey that they are travelling in the outer world… If they move this journey to the inner world, if they start to journey inside the heart, then they will get this peace and love forever. Because Atma is inside, and Atma is the birthplace of all those things.

Mark: So what I’m hearing you say is that we focus our attention outwards, and we’re looking for… whatever actions that we take, it’s always geared towards having some sense of peace and happiness, but when we focus outwards, it’s impermanent – it doesn’t last, but is it true that you’re saying that you can connect to eternal happiness?

Swami: Exactly, exactly.

Mark: Sounds like a good thing to strive towards.

Swami: (laughs) Exactly, that is why all of us, we are happy and peaceful. You can see that all Swamis or Sadhguru and even our… we have example, proof – our Babaji, Sadhguru, Om Gurudev Janglidas Maharaj, always, he is happy, always, he is with… full of energy and always stronger, because of what? Only they are connected with eternal energy – this eternal place of happiness; that’s the reason.
We are constantly getting this peace and this love from Atma, and that is only one way to get it: that is meditation. Then we are meditating constantly and regularly. Everybody can get this eternal peace by Atma.

Mark: The rewards seem incredible, if we were to go on that journey towards Atma, to the heart. Why is it that people keep moving outwards? Why is it that they keep focusing their attention externally, when this is available to us?

Swami: It’s because people don’t know. People are fighting; they are there trying to find out, but people don’t know the way, and that’s the purpose of Babaji’s works – to spread the message of this way, because people don’t have… everybody who like having it, but they don’t know where to go. People are blind now; they have open eyes; they are finding, searching, but they are blind and push all this away.
We give the guidance to get the direction we need the enlightened master in our life because he gives you direction. He will bring you on this path, and he will bring your outer focus from outside to inside, so that is why we have to follow the master; we have to follow the… we call here Sadhguru, he is the spiritual master.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: People are in… they give attention externally because they don’t know. Everybody would like, but they don’t know they are blind, and that is the Babaji’s purpose now. That is why we are spreading this message around in the world.

Mark: Well, its incredibly magnetizing – being around Babaji and realized beings like Babaji, could you tell me and the audience about who Babaji is?

Swami: Babaji – we call Babaji, and Babajis name is the Sadhguru, (Vishwatmak Om Gurudev Janglidas Maharaj).
We don’t know from where Babaji has come on this Earth. Nobody don’t know his birthplace; nobody don’t know from where he came from.
Somehow, some of our senior Swamis, who met Babaji, who saw Babaji for the first time, minute as he is that time… still now, still today. Babaji is the same with… that is, no any other physical change, and older times since last fifty years, which we saw now are now that our swamis, Babaji is constantly meditating.
He has very strong regulation and rules in his own life, which is always connected with only and only Atma. He talks about Atma; he gives about Atma; he meditate only about Atma.
Other daily schedules of twenty-four hours is connected with Atma, and it is all this works came up within last only 25 or 30 years.
Before that, Babaji was mediating very hard in Himalaya. When we are on North India, on South India, on the Kanartaka, the Strait of Maharashtra, people saw his capacity, his hard penance. Now, we have this experience with this enlightened Sadhguru to reach that mark.
We can feel it. When we will sit with his presence, and also, with the Swamis, who spend many times and many long years with Babaji, who can feel this energy. It is very strong and energetic; enlightened spiritual master in India now.

Mark: Yeah. It’s very powerful, and it seems to be that when you travel to India, in my case, being a foreigner, that the spirituality of the place is really… a big draw card, and there’s a number of people like Babaji who, with doing all the hard penance and creating spiritual life and benefiting other people, why do you think India has that hub? Why is it so strong in India?

Swami: (laughs) India is the birthplace of saints. I can tell you because all this information, all this knowledge of spirituality came up in Indi. A lot of saints who walk on the spiritual path walk on the path of meditation, and reach to the Atma. Finally, they’ve become one with Atma, now we call them the incarnation of God, so all they took the form on this earth in India.
So that is why all the lot of Swamis, lot of you as you can see it in India… but after that, the spirituality took different, different ways in India also to reach the Atma – to reach the goal, but you will get very rare places where you will get the knowledge of Atma, and you will get the path to reach the Atma. We are always lucky that we met Babaji, and we count this day, we received this knowledge by him to reach the Atma.

Mark: Yeah. Parmanand, when you start to go on the path, when you know, meet Babaji, or something happens in your life, and the heart starts to open and joy starts to arise, and you start to connect with more meaning and purpose in your life, and you want to be of service and benefit to others. One of the strong things that I would say, is “Ah, I wish I knew this earlier on”, and one of the amazing things that I find really cool with the Ashram is Babaji’s vision around education and educating children from an early age to meditate and to be aware that they are “Atma”. Can you tell us a little bit about that program?

Swami: Our… the school and education part?

Mark: Yes.

Swami: In child, we are pure Atma, pure consciousness, without any concept in mind and friend, and they are free with concepts, so our purpose to open the school – Babaji opened this educational complex since 1995 with only 23 of children.
The quantity was only 23, and now in 2014, we nearly had 14,000 children in our school.

Mark: Fourteen thousand?

Swami: Fourteen thousand children this year already, and we shall start it for the new year because we have no school vacation here, and school will take place in the first week of June. Last year, we had 13,400 children, and now, we have already 215 new admissions so it will go sure near where 14,000 children in our school.

Mark: Wow.

Swami: Purpose to open this school, that only and only that without this knowledge of Atma from the very beginning for the child. So, when they will grow up and become an adult, and when they go in the world or the country for work or whatever could they like, they will be filled up with the knowledge of Atma.
They will know about Atma, and they will know about energy. There will be less problem, less struggle with this life in these children’s life because they know the game of life. Now, we… all of us struggling. People are struggling for life because they don’t know the end. They are running, and running, and running and struggling and getting problems, but when the children will know the “Who am I?” and “What is my aim of life? What is my purpose of life?”, they will go easily, and they will cross the ocean of life because they will know that I am Atma. Atma resides in my heart; the same Atma, the same energy, the same soul resides in every human body that is going in any other difference– immortal difference within me and another person, because the outer body is the cover. Outer body is a shell, and that is the difference, but inner energy, which took hold on this body and more has arrived.
The energy’s same, the Atma is same; the soul is same. So then they will know from the very beginning. Because of this knowledge from this childhood, they will be with the full knowledge of Atma and they will learn how to get the peace and love and how to reach our destination. That’s why Babaji opened this school to fill up their knowledge of Atma, and teach them meditation.

Mark: So, when you say “the kids”, and they have this practice… I mean, when I’m around the Ashram, I see all the little kids… you know, 5, 6 year-olds, and 20 or 30 of them all sitting down meditating, it’s very, very sweet, very cute.

Swami: Yes.

Mark: And now, a lot of these children will be out in the world as householders as well. And in being that, you find that when they learn Atma from a very early age that they really connect to their natural capacities and natural skills, and they go out with their natural capacities. They’re more in-tune with who they are and what they need to bring into the world, and they go out into the world in a very empowered way.
Swami: Yes, yes, yes. They will be fulfilled with this knowledge of Atma and not only knowledge by talk or hearing from somebody else. It’s the whole experience, because every morning and after each class, they have meditation stations in the school. We can see the result now, because when they go on vacation, and when they come back to their homes, they teach parents how to eat and what to eat.

What is the goal of meditation? Where are these findings, to which way is spirituality? Now, our schools have children teaching the parents and the local people. We are (??? state?). So we are getting this, this (internal?), we found out that it is effective in the school, these circles… Do you know its effects? The meditation does not only bring you to the spiritual aim; its affects your normal life. With all kinds of (???), like in our whole (copper grass area?), there is a distinct place called a (Hamed Naver?). In all (Hamed Naver?) district, with the school result, our (Ungerade?) International school is on the top – the first number with a hundred percent result. The children passed the international exams also. So it also works on their own life with the natural things, by (all the psyches?). They are developing (all the psyches?). When those children grow up and go to the country, or go somewhere in the world for different work in a different office or with different people, then they are fulfilled with Atma and the experience of Atma. So… the world will change.

Mark: Yeah, and that’s a fantastic aim. With me and yoga teachers, what we’re doing now on a lot of levels is educating the great ability of yoga in its full system to transform lives, rather than just be a physical practice. The physical’s important, but you have to include it in the whole package, and when you know that, then the ripples go out and transform the world in a big way. And it’s a wonderful outcome to hear that about the children, you know? Teaching their parents and the community, and that they’re kind of folding out for the young ones to the older ones, and its –
Swami: It’s amazing, you know? And it is immediate now. We’ll have a change. We can say now, after what’s going on, and all this happening because nobody realized their self. Once you realize the self, well, you will get your own change and the next front people, or this next front person will get turned and want to make that change. We are trying change, the world but first of all, we have to get change in our life, and it can be possible, only and only through meditation; there is no any other way. Yoga is a step… the first step, or is a step of meditation. It is a step to reach Atma.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: … But the aim is Atma. We say that I am doing yoga, for example, or now I can… But who is talking? Who is doing yoga? What is yoga? Tell me, when somebody wants want to die, and if we ask this (dead warrior?) to do yoga, (his body?) will he do it?

Mark: No.

Swami: (Now, a little bit?) not able to do, no, it’s not possible to call this energy, this Atma left body and the body is now called a dead body.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: So, that’s our purpose to realize this energy, and this energy called Atma.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: And yoga is there… so, yoga is that step of the releasing into Atma.

Mark: Yes, and why do you think people have so much objection to it? So, I will hear “Well if you go and practice Atma, and you sit there and try to put your awareness in your heart. You go to India, and you spend time practicing, then how are you going to make money? How am I going to support my family, what about my business?” These are some of the objections that I regularly hear.

Swami: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is true. It happens with everybody, and every human being has these doubts and questions in mind because they are still ignorant, you know? We can connect with Atma when we are also working.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: It is not needed. Sometimes, we know are working in the outer world, first there is… I can now explain two different (fluids?), different (rhythm?). The first one is the first spiritual way; I can say that you are alive because of only and only Atma.
All new relations are taking places. Everybody loves you, and you love them, only because of Atma. Once Atma is in your body, all your relations will break in a fraction of second. So you are worried now, and you are better taking care of relations, family and all of those things, but we have to of course, take care of our self. That is because of this Atma, because of this self, we are alive. Then, you are taking care of this, and if you will be fulfilled with this experience. If you have this energy walk up to the meditation, you will be able to do anything in this world.
We have this huge supreme energy source of Atma in our heart. Through meditation, once you wake up this energy, you can change the world. You can do anything. Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible in this world, you know? But people are in a depression; people have doubts; people have expressions, and they are struggling because they don’t know that the source of energy is… It resides in our heart. Is the energy backup? It is. Everything is possible.

Mark: Yes, and I… I’m still nodding my head in agreement here, and I’m noticing myself do my Indian head wobble. As I’m doing it – my little side-to-side head wobble, “Ah, yes. Of course.”

Swami: The (other way… out in the South?) the people hear it in Ashram were dedicated towards the Babaji in Ashram. All of us Swamis are constantly mediating. We have staff who are working for us. They are working for the people who come to the Ashram, like in the kitchen, in the office, in the administration, in the school and everywhere – they are also meditating. They are also connecting with the Atma, and they constantly have this connection. How? Every morning, they wake up on the (Brahma Molta?) before sunrise, and they sit in silence in one place and concentrate on Atma. It means they are doing meditation as long as 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or as long as they can. Once the time has come for work, they go for work, but during work, they keep this positive attitude about Atma with each person at work.
If they bring the work, if they connect with people, they always think, and they have this feeling inside. Yes, it’s an also a form of Atma; this is absent energy. So you can work, you can take care of it, do it with your family. You can work for people, for yourself, and you can do anything in your normal life, and you can keep your inner connection with Atma. That’s the meditation, and then you will see how Atma works. You will see how the Atma works.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: For example, I can say you “We nearly have 1,000 people in our family in Ashram. You know that; you’ve been in Ashram many times,” okay?

Mark: Yes.

Swami: Now, we are not going to earn every (delivery?) or anything, but we are getting poor; we are getting close. We are getting everything, so it is a sign if you will (love?) on Atma, then will be (loved?) on you.

Mark: Nice.

Swami: It always happens. People are living on Earth and giving everything. We don’t need to go to earn anywhere anything else. Everything comes for us, and it is not only with us. You can see it everywhere in India, everywhere in spiritual places that there is the law of God, law of Atma. Once you get this experience, once you reach that, everything will come to you. You no need to go to anywhere.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: To earn this… or earn these things.

Mark: Yeah. We see people busy chasing after their goals and their business and things, and it’s getting faster and faster, because of their consciousness increasing. We got the internet and all these sort of things, and people are finding harder and harder to keep up and it’s coming from their desires and their mind or what they want to create. When I watch Babaji at the Ashram, at the time that I’ve been there, it’s amazing to watch because you’ve got all these skilled children – 14,000 and also feeding. Sometimes, feeding at different times of the year, 3 to 5,000 people a day, and there’re accommodations and medical centers going up. Yet when I see Babaji, it looks like he’s not doing anything and it seems to be that when it comes from your soul, it all just happens without any effort. It’s incredible to watch. It looks like Babaji is just sitting there doing nothing, but all this stuff’s happening. It’s a very different way.

Swami: Yes, here, because the creator of the entire universe is Atma, and Atma resides in our heart. Once you connect with your Atma, so that you will (complete?) with (your?), the creator of the entire universe, you are connecting with the owner of worlds. Everything will come to you by this work.

Mark: Yes. So this is kind of an inverse effect. The more that you practice, meditate and come to your heart, the more you’ll be supported externally.

Swami: Yeah, yeah, yeah exactly.

Mark: Then for the people listening today –

Swami: Yeah?

Mark: What’s the best way that they can meditate and start to practice in connecting Atma more in their life?

Swami: In the beginning, you need to have this practice and this experience with any other Swami, who are constantly meditating and is in constant connection with Atma in his presence. Though visual presence here of Swami or Sadhguru is very important for the beginners, because they give you direction. They show you the path, how to start to walk, because, for the beginners, there is a different practice. So, you need this help. You need this direction, so you have to follow… in the beginning, you have to follow a (loyal?) master means Swami or Sadhguru.

Mark: Right. Before we mentioned about ignorance, and we say that we mean it in the nicest possible way, we mean that this ignorance of Atma, you know? We’re focused elsewhere; we’re looking in the wrong direction in yoga. In Sanskrit, they call that Vidya, and to uncover that veil, you’re saying that the spiritual master’s really important in the beginning. I totally agree at the same time, some of us don’t have that access at this moment. So is there something they can do to start to connect to Atma, and then maybe bring that spiritual master towards then into their life?

Swami: Yes. It is possible. Atma is formless and for concentrating on Atma. We have to choose the any other form for (bigness?), okay? There is knowing other spiritual masters in your life, but if you have the ocean, any form of (Gods?) with any incarnation of (God?), you can meditate on that form. Because of your practice, you will slowly reach this formless Atma. It is also possible, but this practice, this journey can be (attained?) very (easily?) with the help of a (loyal?) master. But now, it is not possible to meet a ritual master immediately. If there is will come a time that you cannot go anywhere, or you don’t have time or any other result, I think you present them no problem. You can start meditating now, when it’s (a problem?) this action become (now?). It is possible. Meditation means there are popular (???) too, (I call her?) the beginning. Atma is formless. Atma is behind (all these form), but if you choose any form, and if you try to concentrate on the beginning, it is easier to reach through this formless Atma.

Mark: Yes, so they could hold an image of Jesus or Buddha –

Swami: Yes, exactly.

Mark: … or any spiritual master or a picture of Babaji or another… you know, another living master, they could hold that image, for example?
Swami: Yes, yes, yes. Plus, the important thing is the Sadguru or spiritual master, who is enlightened. It is very important. Their Sadhguru should be enlightened. This enlightened Sadhguru is the jewel form of formless Atma, so easily is that you can mediate on your Sadhguru, on your spiritual master. (In fact?), this is how I had experienced this last 5, 6 years where we’ve been in Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, France, then some European countries. There are some people who are meditating on a form of Jesus, and they have very, very strong experience like us, because (God?), is the creator for all this form. That is the one, and he’s a formless, so if you will mediate in any (home?), you will also have the same experience of this form, this Atma.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: Yes. So, people are meant to their own (Jesus?) in Europe and some Catholic countries, and they have the same experience. Some people are focused on life; some people are focused on (swords?); some people are focused on Jesus. Some people are focused on a different form, but all of them have the same experience of formless Atma, and with this formless energy, it can be possible everywhere, anywhere.

Mark: Okay. Then when people are going to practice, and they do a little bit of Asana to make their body comfortable so they can sit comfortably. Then maybe a little bit of breathing to quieten down the nervous system, and then bring the mind to focus. Then they seek quietly and place their attention in their heart and try to hold that form in their heart, correct?

Swami: Exactly. Correct. It is very important. During the meditation, you have to seek one condition as (long?) as you can concentrate on this form, and you can help this deep experience of Atma. If your body would not be able to see that one condition, you cannot have this experience (very deeply?).

Mark: Yes.

Swami: To get this experience, to feel this energy of Atma, to feel these vibrations make your own aura, you have to sit constantly longer, and for that, you need Asana. You need yoga.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: Make your body comfortable, it is easier to sit longer.

Mark: Yes. So, for the people listening, the Asana regularly will make you feel comfortable for sitting, to go beyond the body and go deeper. But as you’re beginning, maybe you need to sit on a chair or sit against a wall, and then progress to being able to sit longer and longer on the floor.

Swami: Yes, yes, yes. On a chair, no problem. By standing, absolutely. you can meditate because yoga is not only making you tired in the morning. Not only is yoga making your body tired; it’s also making your mind also tired.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: It works on your mind also, and when the mind becomes tired, there will be fewer thoughts. Let their openers less (question?), less doubt and (inability) with a poor silence, and this silence in the mind means meditate. It means (core?)-centered easily on the Atma.

Mark: Now, there’s a form that Babaji… I don’t know if ‘recommends’ is the best word, but recommends that we use at the Ashram and that form… can you tell us a little bit about that form? It’s a little bit different; it’s an inhuman form, but looks kind of a bit different to how you might normally think. In fact, maybe I’ll attach that at the end of the podcast, so people can use that as a form to concentrate on, would that be okay?

Swami: Yeah, please, because I cannot explain this form immediately. It is important to know it, because all the forms- all visual forms which came on this earth have won before, and they have (death?) too. Who got the birth they have (death?), who came on this earth, they have to leave the body. So, all the visual forms which came on this earth, they have to leave this world. It’s the rule of nature, which form Babaji gave us. This form Babaji paved the front of, once you meditate. This is the immortal- it has never been born, and it will never die. It is the immortal form of Atma. That is the Atma. So the form was given by Babaji, it’s not by any other person, or not the… any (of course?), not the daily usual things. It is the formless Atma. It is the immortal Atma, but the Sadhguru of Babaji, the spiritual master of (Jangrigas Maharaj?) called the Guru (Jungli Mara?), he gave this form. It is the example that Babaji was mediating all this far, and he will reach now to his stage. He becomes in… my (turn?), he reached through the… his consciousness. He achieved this consciousness constantly, because Babaji was, and Babaji is mediating on this form. That is why you see me, and you surely saw that there is no other (portal?) in the Ashram of Babaji. He refused to use it for going (???).

Mark: Yes.

Swami: And because of that, that Babaji would like to connect us directly with this formless Atma, to this energy, because Babaji’s (???) visual form, Babaji told it is going to be… Then they have work inside, you will go, but the energy will not go. Atma will not go, so he would like to connect us directly with Atma, and that is why Babaji gives this form, this form is… it has never been born and never will to die. This form is immortal Atma.

Mark: So again, audience. I’ll attach a picture of that form, which you might find useful as… and you need to hold in your heart. I’ll attach it at the end of the podcast. Now, when you look at the image, correct me if I’m wrong, but there is like a male upper body and a female lower body, and their face looks quite childlike and then, I believe the hair and arms and legs’ been really long. It’s a sort of sign of power. It’s also a building to this image, is that correct?

Swami: Yeah. I can’t say more about this form, so there will be more in your doubts that why the (form?) is like this. When the (Jondi Maharaj?), Sadhguru (Jondi Maharaj?), who is the spiritual master of (Aburabavah Jangrijas Maharaj?) who (news?) was in Pune, Pune City, my birthplace, where I was born.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: And though when he was there like now, we were with Babaji, some of the very close (ones?) were with (Kamdi Maharaj?) in that area. Well, (Joni Maharaj?) is like, (a mavi?) going for the peace, resting the peace. Before that, people asked for his photo that we can offer from (top here for a dollar?). What I’m saying is, we will pray for (top here photo?), we will meditate on your image, and he refused. He said, my body has been born, and it will now go to (Samad in the rest?), but this is not me, this is not I. Who am I? I will show you, and they’re the (key, oblige?) this image of Atma, which now Babaji has given us for meditation.

Mark: Yes.

Swami: So, that is a form of Atma. So, Babaji has blown his form, but you or anybody can make it on any form, but our Sadguru (Jangrijas Maharaj?), wishes to connect you directly with Atma. That is why Babaji has given this image for us to meditate.

Mark: Okay. Thank you, Swami. Just to summarize that Atma is the purpose, the main aim in life and that there’re many paths towards that, when speaking to a yoga audience, and you know that yoga system has the Ashtanga eight limbs and number of different forms, but they are all geared towards that inner journey to that result of connecting to Atma, so basically in a system, we are talking about regulating your lifestyle, making your body steady and comfortable, making your breaths serene and calm, making your mind single-pointed, allowing the unconscious to come forward and to let go of the things that don’t allow you to connect to your heart, and as you have mastery of your mind, then you can sit in your heart with Atma, and when you do that, your life changes in a very big way and you connect to your power, you connect to your heart, you connect in a way that your outside life begins to reflect that, and you’ve taught us some really, really good stuff and then how to really hold that in your heart and the importance of it.

Swami: Yes, yes. You will always be (full-clue?) with this energy. You will leave this life with the full of source of energy. There will be no any other depression or nervousness or any other tension in your life because you will be able to do anything, where you’ll decide to go or what you have aim. You can do anything because your energy is the wake up.

Mark: Yes. Well, here’s the exciting part: Swami Parmanand is actually coming to Sydney, the East Coast, but primarily Sydney in November this year, 2014 for 3 weeks, and we’re gonna run some programs in Sydney based on meditation, how they connect to Atma, how to understand the process of yoga meditation connecting to Atma. So we’ll run some programs, we’ll run some workshops. We’ll keep you updated on that. It’s going to be very exciting. I’m really looking forward to that, Swami and also seeing you because you’re one of my favorite people in the world and thanks a lot… thanks a lot for today. It’s been really informative and super helpful to the audience and so, lots of love to you and Babaji, and thank you.

Swami: Thank you. I just would like to say my purpose to travel there. We are travelling on (???) to give this experience, which we have gotten in our life from this meditation. I have gone big change in my life, and I am now always communicating with this energy and I am experiencing this constantly with Babaji and had a lot of miracles in my life. There’s a lot of experiences that I had in the presence here of Babaji and on this way… on this path. I would like to share and so, I would like to bring this experience to the people. That is my purpose of travelling and visiting in November: to spread the message afar from my (endless skills?), experience Atma, to teach the people how to meditate and (???) his consciousness.

Mark: Well, I’m really looking forward to it, and as I said, I can’t wait. (Onguradev?), enjoy the rest of your time in Haridwar.

Swami: Thank you, same to you. All the best and see you soon.

Mark: All right, give my love to… Babaji.

Swami: Yeah and love to the audience and to you. I wish you to have all they have… this experience to the meditation of Atma.


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