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In a busy world we often get caught up in the chatter that stops us from being focused and connecting to a deeper guiding layer of ourselves. It’s this deeper layer that helps us to attune to our inner peace and contentment. Through YogaCoaching we are able to remove interruptions , re-connect and live to our full potential.

So what is YogaCoaching and how does it allow us to connect to our potential?

When talking about yoga and the definition of yoga the texts talk about yoga – chitta vritti nirodha. Chitta ‘the mindfield’, vritti ‘the movements of the mind’, nirodha ‘mastery’. Yoga is “the mastery of the movements of the mind”.

Through the practice of yoga we learn to quieten the chatter. We learn to settle it all down, so that we connect to that deep knowing underneath. It’s like we have a compass guiding our life, aligning us with purpose. We tap into our flow state – Samadhi. And the great thing is that you know you’re on track, you’re in your flow. It’s tangible.

At YogaCoach we teach you not only to become a master of the body through asana, but we teach you to master the energy systems, we teach you to master the mind, and not just the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind. We teach you how to tap into your flow-state. Then we teach you how to apply that to other people’s lives so they learn how to shine too.

What’s fantastic about yoga is that its’ absolutely practical. Yoga says we all have great potential, at our centre we all shine brightly. Its there for the taking but we just have to remove the interference at each level of being. The science of Yoga states you’ve got relationships to the environment around you and you’ve got to deal with them so they cease to become an obstacle, that you’ve got a body and you’ve got to deal with it, you have a nervous system that needs to be optimised and you have a mind the needs to be trained. As the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most famous and ancient yogic texts, says “Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself”.

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When someone has progressed along the path of yoga they’re more loving, they’re more joyous, there’s more compassion, there’s balance in their life. In the process they might get their foot behind your head, they might be able to hold their breath for a long period of time, they might be able to sit still for extended periods, but in the end, like the Tibetan Buddhists say: the ground state of being is love, joy, compassion, and equanimity.

In reality, we all know this: our happiness, our sense of joy, our sense of fulfilment comes from inside. What we are doing in YogaCoach and in authentic yoga is going on an inward journey, creating a steady and comfortable body, serene and calm breath and a single pointed mind. We then allow the unconscious to come forward and practice non-attachment, we let go of those habits that a not so useful and strengthen the patterns that move you towards wellbeing.

It’s a two-fold process: bringing to awareness those things that are not useful, and then reinforcing things that are, taking you in the direction of attuning with your unique gifts and talents. And as you do that, over time, those things that bring you towards wellbeing will begin to attenuate and weaken the things that are not until wellbeing is ordinary.

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