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A personal resolution, for a communal revolution


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Meg Spry

Director of Yoga Body Works

Meg found yoga 21 years ago when she was feeling low and anxious while studying psychology at University.

Yoga practice and psychology were instrumental in her finding her way out of tough times to a place better than ever before, and she has been passionately involved in both since that time.

Meg teaches Power and Yin Yoga. She is the Managing Director of Yoga Body Works in Newcastle. She also works as a psychologist and is passionate about bringing a unified approach to the challenges we all face in life.

Meg’s work as a psychologist is informed by her Yoga practice. The core concepts of modern psychology – acceptance, breath work, mindfulness, working with the mind to move away from unhelpful thinking, reducing identification with thoughts and feelings, living in line with positive values – are all found in the ancient Yogic tradition. Her yoga teaching is informed by her studies in psychology and ongoing evaluation of research into the effectiveness of yoga interventions in addressing psychological illness and improving wellbeing.
Yoga provides us with a system that unifies body, mind and spirit and allows us to take into account the many factors involved in the creation and resolution of the challenges we face and the possibilities we hold.