Message for Bali Retreat – with Swami Parmanand

By 1 September 2015podcast

Message for Bali Retreat – with Swami Parmanand

In the podcast:

00:26 About Swami and his tradition
01:20 The purpose of the visit
02:06 What is Atma?
02:44 Swami’s practice and tradition
04:05 Things that people will start to notice in their life, the difference, the transitions when they practice regularly
06:18 Happiness and inner peace
07:16 The body is the temple of God
08:54 Is 20 minutes a day enough to start?
11:52 Swami’s final message

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Mark Breadner: Today we are speaking to Swami Parmanand. We are together in Bali and we are looking at preparing for his visit. So, welcome Swami.

Swami Parmanand: Welcome, Namaste… Om Gurudev

Mark Breadner: Om Gurudev .Tell us a little bit about yourself and your tradition.

Swami Parmanand: I am the follower and disciple of my said Guru, Om Gurudev Janglidas Maharaj, who works in Godhra, India, mostly with Atma, with the soul, with this universal power. And I am the follower of him since last more than 12 years. I am going with him constantly in the study of meditation for the realisation of self, because of which energy I am allaying and that is my aim. That is why I am following my said guru and studying on the path which he has given me.

Mark Breadner: We are really looking forward to you visiting. Can you tell us a little bit about the purpose of your visit?

Swami Parmanand: I will visit with the same purpose – to spread the message of this universal energy. Because in the world, people are blind to knowing purpose of life. They would like to earn something but they don’t know what; they are struggling with life and they are looking in the outer world but all those things which they want to earn so they come at peace in the life, is within us and that is the energy, so I will travel for the spreading of this message of this universal energy.

Mark Breadner: What are some other names for Atma that people might be familiar with?

Swami Parmanand: When people say Atma, some on them call Chaitanya, some of them call shakti, some of them call universal energy, some of them call supreme power, some of them call soul, so these are all one. There is no difference, the words are different But the shakti, this energy, is one.

Mark Breadner: So there’s many paths to the same outcome of merging with this universal energy. Can you tell us a little bit about the practice in your tradition?

Swami Parmanand: Yes, there are many paths, for example, I can say all the rivers finally reach one ocean. So there are many paths but finally they will reach to the one destination and the destination is this universal. So we follow our path which said Gurudev has given and that is the meditation. Meditation is the study of living on on Atma. The study of living on self. The study of living on soul, on this energy. So, the meditation means we have to concentrate in the heart on this energy, because the energy resides in our heart. So the study is to invoke your energy. So once you invoke this energy, with the study of meditation, you can reach your destination, everything is possible in your life, you can do anything in your life.

Mark Breadner: What are some of the things that people will start to notice in their life, the difference, the transitions when they practice regularly?

Swami Parmanand: Come again?

Mark Breadner: What are some of the things that people will notice, the changes in their life, when they start to practice with regularity?

Swami Parmanand: They will after some practice – not immediately at the beginners, but after constantly practicing regularly – they will feel this peace, feel this love from inside. Once they start to love their self on the Atma, in the meditation, they will get the love from a lot of people in the world. In order to get the love from somebody else personally, if you start with the love your Atma, many people will come and love you. So it is a big sign that people start being with you, they want to hear from you, they want to love you, they want to earn something from you. Why? Because the Atma – the energy which resides in my heart, is the same energy that is in your heart, same energy resides in other’s heart. So if you pray to this energy, and if you invoke this energy, automatically you will connect with others with this energy, so the people will come to you. Second, you will get support from this energy. So, if any problem comes to you, any wish you want to fill up, anything you have which you want to fulfil, so Atma will support you, this energy will support you and you will become without trouble. Life will be easy, go achieve anything. So, this is also that we can constantly get support from the Atma, You can invoke your confidence, and once confidence is invoked, success will naturally come to you. And for that, you have to meditate. Without meditation, you cannot invoke this energy and you will not receive confidence of self.

Mark Breadner: Many People, Well everyone essentially is looking for some sense of happiness and inner peace, and I have heard you describe that Atma is actually the birth place of this, the birth place of peace. And when you remember this, and you do the correct practice and focus on this place, these things naturally arise no matter what is going on, on the outside.

Swami Parmanand: Yes, it’s naturally arising and you will feel it. In my own experience I can say. I cannot start my day without meditation. I have to meditate early morning, so that I can get the peace and the love from inside which I can spread the whole day, which I can feel the whole day and which I can be with this peace and love the whole day. So, there is no other way to earn the peace, and finally, we are all – from birth to death – we are struggling and running for that, so it is within us and can be earned by meditation.

Mark Breadner: And, keeping a healthy body and a good diet and good balance of work and rest is important also, yes?

Swami Parmanand: Yes, of course. The body is the temple of God. So if you want to realise this God, to this Atma, to this energy, you have to maintain this temple, without the body, you cannot. So for the physical body you have to give it some exercise, pranayama, some yoga, so it is the food for the body, and then after this, you have to connect with meditation to realise and to remind yourself that because of this energy, the body is performing all these functions, such as the yoga or sitting, eating or sleeping. So, yoga, pranayama, exercise is really important for the body, because the God resides in that body and we have the value for this human body today, as of now, because of only this energy. Once energy leaves the body, the body will die. They are both connected, so whoever follows the path of yoga and meditation, he will surely and easily reach his destination, to his last objective. So that is why all the rushis, all the resitas, all the yogis previously have followed this path.

Mark Breadner: Many people in Australia and generalising, in the West, have busy lives, and they try to fit their practice in. Is 20 minutes a day enough to start on and keep building from that?

Swami Parmanand: Yes they can. At the beginning I would say at least 20 minutes is important, but 20 minutes is also enough for that. For example, once you wake up from the bed, you can keep this 20 minutes for self. From morning to night and night to morning, we are choosing and finding time for everything in our life, and we give time…we give time to people, we give time to children, we give time to the family, we give time for work, but we are not giving time for self, for this energy, because of which energy I told you already, because of which energy we are allaying, so we have to find a time and we can. If we say we cannot, it is not good because if energy goes out from the body, how can your body do all of things? So we have to find time and the 20 minutes is enough for the early time. Once you wake up from the bed, just keep silence without talk. No talking with anyone. Talk to yourself. Sit in silence and concentrate in the mind. For this concentration chanting is important so if you receive the guru mantra from your said guru, from your guru, from your teacher, from your master, so channel this guru mantra. Close your eyes and channel…Mantra is the ticket for eternal journey and mantra helps the concentration. You can chant mantra so your mind can concentrate, and focus on energy in your heart. That is the meditation. There is not any other study. That is the meditation – close your eyes softly, chant a mantra that you can concentrate on your heart and think of the image of Atma, on the light, on the focus in the heart. That is the easiest. So if you sit at the beginning for 20 minutes, for some months, or some days, or whatever, you will feel this peace and with your own experience you will increase this time by yourself and that is important. If I say, please sit for one hour or please sit for two hours, it is not good. Start from small, but you will feel your own experience and you can increase the time. So, self experience is very important on the path of meditation. For beginners 20 minutes is enough, but follow the system.

Mark Breadner: In Australia we are doing a program, at the moment in Sydney and Melbourne, which will include some devotional music and then you will be teaching people how to establish their meditation practice and you will be teaching or answering questions about anything that might arise from their practice or any questions they have about meditation and how to do it correctly. Do you have a final message

Swami Parmanand: Of course. We are coming with the Kirtan group and we will offer there some chant kirtanas, so they can be there by mindly and physically or so. So there is an exercise for mind and also for body, there is an exercise also for your thoughts. So, we will have chanting there. I will bring them from outer world, into this internal world, not only by physically, but by in mind also. After this chanting, we will have this practice of meditation. I will give the experience of meditation which my teacher, my said guru has given me. I will give the message of Atma, I will give some teachings, I will answer questions; normally people are having a lot of questions in their mind so I will explain everything to them so they can walk easily without any doubts or questions on this life path. Then we will have the meditation practicals and I will teach them how to meditate normally in their life so they can follow the same path, and they can earn this knowledge and peace and love from Atma.

Mark Breadner: Thank you Swamiji, we very much look forward to your visit. Om Gurudev

Swami Parmanand: I am also happy to see amid these people in the world who want to know about self, who want to know about this energy, so I am also happy to visit. Thank you Om Gurudev. Namaste!

Message for Bali Retreat – with Swami Parmanand



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