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A personal resolution, for a communal revolution


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Ryan Rockwell

Yogi Marketer

My passion, marketing the conscious voice.

Life really began to get interesting when I found yoga in 2004. It made even the most mundane things in my life appear different and then I began to look at myself and the world differently. As I became more clear about my work, it started to bother me that I was marketing things that didn’t inspire me or the other parties involved. There was no passion.

Finally, after banging my head against a wall (no, not literally. Just after repeated frustrations in corporate marketing) I realized that if I was going to stay in this field that I would only do marketing for individuals and companies who have a conscious voice. A hope of serving our world.

What I have learned is that there is absolutely a way to market to your clients that serves them and establishes a synergistic relationship of success for both parties.