The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

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The Truth Is Traditional Yoga…

897624e23db3420888f2b7f023399762_X9EFjlYogaCoach specialises in Yoga Education, Mark Breadner & his team will help you to become more than just a teacher of ‘asana’, they will guide you in the ways of Yoga Coaching. A Yoga Coach embodies the essence of how yoga was originally taught- 1on1 as a multi-dimensional practice, personalised for the individual and allowing for ultimate life transformation.


Yoga is the culture of tomorrow. It is a science that leads to the development of the human personality and the awakening of untapped energy sources” – Swami Niranjan

Yoga is a systematic program whose soul purpose is spiritual. Whether we call it enlightenment, self realisation or other similar terms it is designed to enhance human possibility. The purpose for working with the physical body is so that the body is not an obstacle in practises such as yoga meditation, contemplation and prayer. Obstacles to these spiritual practises are naturally minimised or completely removed in the process of following yoga. The word yoga means union. Referring to the direct experience of the wholeness of ourselves at all levels. While the word yoga comes from the traditional Sanskrit language, that union is a universal process and involves the practise of inclusiviness.

The inner calling for that wholeness has also been called the mystic longing. The aspirant following a path of authentic yoga turns their attention inward starting with  building a more inclusive relationship with the world through practises such as non violence, truthfulness, non stealing, remembering truth, and non possessiveness. However, building better relationships with the world is not itself the goal of traditional yoga. Progressively we move our attention inwards:

The body ; The aspirant works with the body so as to make it flexible, strong and steady and aligned to a higher possibility. But working with the body is not itself the goal of authentic yoga.

The inner energies ; the aspirant trains the breath  and personal energy system to expand, activate and upgrade the internal energies. But training the inner energies is not itself, the goal of traditional yoga.

The emotions; the practitioner trains the emotions to be pleasant and aligned to wellbeing but working with the emotions is not itself the goal of authentic yoga

The mind ;  the practitioner trains the mind to become still, at ease and perceive with clarity and yet dealing with the mind is not itself the goal of authentic yoga.

The goal of yoga is beyond these. The single goal of yoga is beyond all of these to more stable states of deep knowing, joy and freedom. While these are the veils that block the realisation of the self, truth or reality that is being sort. Because they are veils to what is beyond… and the only levels where we can apply practise they are emphasised  so that they may cease to cover the eternal centre of consciousness. The most important of these is the correct use of the mind.

 ‘As the world in which we exist is often a highly stressed one it is evident that many of us are moving out of balance and away from the inherent wisdom of our bodies, preventing us from experiencing the health and vitality that is our birth right as human beings.’

Quote by Swami J

YogaCoach employs a methodology  to recede our awareness inwards using assessments we are easily able to identify the areas in which we are out of balance and immediately move to support our human potential through science based yoga and lifestyle practises that allow us to regain optimal, physical, emotional ,mental, and spiritual health.

The ultimate goal is a healthy mind within a healthy body, as one cannot exist without the other. The two aspects go hand in hand. And with consistency, they can have a deep and profound effect upon our lives. With this in mind each person with the support of the yoga coach must reflect on where they are at present to determine what practises are required to suit their individuality, overcome their obstacles and reach their their full human possibility.

Mark Breadner is one of Australias most experienced and respected yoga teachers & educators, with training programs in Australia and Bali. Check out the Early Bird specials for the 2018 programs (some finish soon) if you are looking to become a professional Yoga Coach



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